You imagine it, we build it.

Proven, state-of-art manufacturing equipment enables Hexja to build complex products for a clientele not partial to compromise.


Key production equipment includes:

  • 2 SCHOLZ autoclaves (3.5mx10m and 2.5mx5m)

  • Cleanroom (Class 10,000)

  • Complete 5-axis CNC milling centre

  • ZUND digital cutting plotter (G3 series)

  • VIRTEK 8-head laser projection system  

  • Four pre-preg (composite material) freezers


Fully inspected before shipping

Our machinists and laminators have journeyman-level experience manufacturing components for the top-line motorsport worlds. Before leaving the production facility, all parts are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet specifications, as well as performance and durability standards.


Speeding to market.

Our initial projects are mainly designing and fabricating performance components for the motorsport sector. Hexja produces these items and the design patterns, tooling and layup manuals necessary for their manufacture. 

Our production for clients in Formula 1, LMP1 and Rally includes:


Essential body panels

  • Wings

  • Side pods

  • Engine covers

  • Diffusers

  • Splitters


Complex structural components

  • Monocoques

  • Chassis

  • Pillars

  • Nose boxes


Next up: Aerospace and wind energy

With expertise, equipment and materials now in place, we are actively seeking projects in the aerospace and wind energy sectors. We are 100% confident we can deliver the quality product and service levels these industries require.


See how we lab test our products