Our tools – your power.


Hexja offers a complete, design, engineering, production, research and testing solution under one roof. Our designers and engineers have deep experience developing sophisticated components for clients in the high-end motorsport sector, such as Formula 1, LMP1 and Rally.


How we create

We use the latest CATIA V5 CAD/CAM tools to design initial concepts, composite parts, layup manuals, part and assembly drawings, patterns and carbon tooling. These highly accurate design tools minimize the risk of design flaws and errors, while allowing us the freedom to create and innovate.


Wired to our industry’s brain bank

We maintain active relationships with top R&D facilities. These enable us to embark on thorough research and testing on composite materials and their applications.


Design Analysis & Calculation

Hexja’s chassis calculation specialists offer full structural calculation service on parts to optimize efficiency and maximize weight reduction. High capacity hardware enables Hexja to run multi-body simulations with both rigid and flexible models. Particular attention is given to modeling details and delivering a lucid correlation between the simulation results and real-world properties.


Defining a balance between light and strong

Hexja provides a specialized carbon composite service for our motorsport customers. We establish an optimum carbon fiber lay-up scenario, enabling weight reduction without affecting ideal stiffness levels, with composite design software guaranteeing production accuracy and repeatability. Our chassis calculation services are tailored to need. Clients can decide on the ideal balance between absolute accuracy and speed of model creation.


Hexja offers a complete package of analysis and calculation services, including:

  • Specification book check / definition / optimization

  • Load case & safety factor definition (based on spec book)

  • Creation of documents with part release test specifications (structural tests including ultimate load, buckling & fatigue tests)

  • Analytical hand-calculations (strength / stiffness) during layout & bolt calculation (preload, assembly torque, strength)

  • Creating simulation models for finite element analysis

  • Isotropic and / or orthotropic materials

  • Solid continuum and / or shell elements

  • Post-processing (stress / strain / failure index, deformation, contact pressure, buckling, eigenfrequencies & more)

  • Creation of report documents


Additional options include:

  • Structural optimization in main fields (Topology optimization, shape optimization, bead optimization, fiber / layup optimization)


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